Coach Brian Kelly Talks Why He Left Notre Dame For LSU, Adapting To The LSU Culture + NFL Plans

Recorded: April 5th 2023 | On our next stop of our spring tour, we head to LSU and sit down with Head Coach Brian Kelly. We get after it right away asking he he decided to leave Notre Dame and came to LSU. Will asks about the infamous “family” incident as well.

We then dive into why southern football is so different and the culture surrounding it all. As well as the different ways Kelly had to adapt to LSU coming from Notre Dame.

Finally we talk about expectations for next season and if he would ever go to the NFL. This interview shows you a different side of Coach and will definitely change your opinion of him for the good.

0:00 interview starts
:52 LSU has been very accommodating
1:39 his experience getting acclimated to LSU
2:25 him leaving Notre Dame
3:45 leaving the players was the hardest part leaving Notre Dame
4:29 the development of football in south
6:56 guys adapting to the LSU culture
8:05 the accent of of family
9:27 how come he decided not to go to the NFL
10:34 would he ever go to the NFL
11:03 what does it look like not being involved in offensive/defensive play calling and
12:49 his pillars of the program
13:49 how do you implement sports science





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