New study reveals interesting LSU football stadium fact

New study reveals interesting LSU football stadium fact

by John Fye1 m ago
LSU football’s Tiger Stadium is one of North America’s most photogenic sports venues. Such is according to a study published by OBLG.

LSU football fans that have visited Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge are keen on its beauty. So much so the facility was recognized as ‘one of the most Instagrammable sports venues in North America.‘ Inspired by TripAdvisor reviews, OBLG took to Instagram to search out sports venue-specific hashtags. They discovered Tiger Stadium is a top 10 most Instagrammed sports facility with 38,009 hashtags.

One can’t help but wonder how many of the 38k hashtags are via Instagrammers that have never visited Baton Rouge. The variety of Instagram users compacted into the metric is another question. How many Tiger Stadium hashtaggers are via LSU football fans, and how many are not? We suspect many within visiting crowds are equally fascinated with Death Valley’s crown jewel. Regardless, OBLG’s findings validate Tiger Stadium’s phenomenal aesthetics and game-day atmosphere.

LSU football first called Tiger Stadium’ home’ in 1924. A 2009 restoration project led to the refurbishing of the 428 windows that make up the facility’s iconic North end. The North end is the stadium’s most unique feature and Death Valley Voice logo inspiration. Tiger Stadium is one of college football’s largest venues, with a capacity of 102,321. According to LSU’s athletics website, Tiger Stadium polled as “one of the greatest sites anywhere for a football game — college or professional.”

Dodger Stadium was the overwhelming favorite that topped OBLG’s rankings with over 621k hashtags. New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium ranks number two with over 281k hashtags. LSU football’s Tiger Stadium ranked 8th, just below Tennessee’s Neyland Stadium and Texas A&M’s Kyle Field. The only other college stadium to make the OBLG’s top 10 was Nebraska’s Memorial Stadium in 10th place.

LSU football will return to action at Tiger Field for the 2023 Spring Game. The game has yet to be announced, but we suspect Saturday, April 22nd. LSU’s first game of their new season is slated for September 9th against Grambling.

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