D.I.T.R: Jamarienta Battley

Jamarienta Battley is a Class of 2024 Wide Receiver/ Cornerback for Collegiate High School in Baton Rouge, LA. Standing at 6 ‘1 and 150 lbs, the BR native possesses a unique, versatile playing style where he is able to fully excel on both sides of the ball. One thing that stands out about Jamarienta Battley’s game is his “work hard, play hard” game mentality. Nothing is given to you; you must work hard every day to turn dreams to reality. As an uplifting spirit on and off the field, Battley could be portrayed as a leader that any program would want in an athlete at the next level. Finishing off his last season of high school, Battley’s 3.2 GPA demonstrates his knowledge in the classroom that is also translated onto the field. This is a true Diamond in the Rough that recruits must keep their eyes on.
— Read on gridironfootballusa.com/d-i-t-r-jamarienta-battley/


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