Will the Bucs move on from Leonard Fournette?

One player that the Bucs could look to move on from is starting RB Leonard Fournette, who just finished the first year of his three-year 21-million-dollar contract and could save the Buccaneers some money were they to move on. Fournette struggled this year running the football compared to 2021 and while still having a similar amount of carries compared to the previous year (189 in 2022, 180 in 2021), Fournette had fewer total rushing yards (668 in 2022, 812 in 2021), yards per attempt (3.5 in 2022, 4.5 in 2021), and rushing TD’s (3 in 2022, 8 in 2021).

— Read on www.bucsnation.com/2023/1/24/23568070/will-the-tampa-bay-buccaneers-move-on-from-leonard-fournette-this-offseason

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