2022 Early Signing Day: Primer and Open Thread

As it stands at the moment I’m writing this, LSU has 29 members in its 2023 class (25 high schoolers, and four transfers). You never want to assume anything in recruiting, but—for the moment at least—almost all of these 25 high school players are expected to sign. The only commit who isn’t signing is corner Daylen Austin from the Long Beach, California area. Austin’s going to be signing in February but there’s also been a lot of smoke around him possibly flipping to Oregon.

Still holding on to 24 out of 25 from a top-five class is about as good a start Brian Kelly could have. Below is a list of players I found that are for sure signing tomorrow:
— Read on www.andthevalleyshook.com/platform/amp/2022/12/21/23520208/2022-early-signing-day-primer-and-open-thread

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