What a ride on the Nuss Bus

The second I saw JD run the ball on a designed option keeper and take two steps to cut I knew we were doomed. For LSU to win he needed to look like Mike Vick against FSU, and his cutting ability wasn’t there, which meant his full speed wasn’t there neither. I don’t know what it is about UGA in the SEC championship, but their pass defense gets flushed down the toilet consistently in that setting. 2019 LSU. 2021 Bama. 2022 LSU. JD came out confident and in charge, too bad our special teams did not. That kind of crap is deflating.
— Read on www.andthevalleyshook.com/platform/amp/2022/12/5/23494251/link-gumbo-what-a-ride-on-the-nuss-bus

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