Micah Baskerville details when playing in the SEC Championship became a realistic goal for LSU

Coming into the season, not many people thought LSU was going to make a run to the SEC Championship Game. Here they are, though, ready to compete against Georgia. Linebacker Micah Baskerville explained when this became a realistic goal for the Tigers. Notably, the Tigers weren’t thinking about this before the season started.

“No, sir, we weren’t talking about that,” Micah Baskerville said. “We were talking about what was important now, just buying in, everybody making their own time to work out, everybody doing their questionnaire, things like that. We didn’t talk about it as far as that’s going to handle itself, but we have to work our way and get there and be prepared.”
— Read on www.on3.com/college/lsu-tigers/news/micah-baskerville-details-when-playing-in-the-sec-championship-became-a-realistic-goal-for-lsu/

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