‘Heisman’ Harold Perkins’ Monstrous “Flu Game” Performance Carries LSU

In fitting fashion, LSU’s star freshman Harold Perkins called game for the Tigers when for the second time in the ball game, the five star signee forced a sack fumble in the backfield as Arkansas was driving to at least tie the game at 13 with 1:27 left to play. Perkins got off to a great jump off the snap beating the tackle, ducking under, and hitting Arkansas quarterback Cade Fortin’s arm before he could push the football forward. As the ball was bouncing around on the turf, Mekhi Wingo was quick to fall on it sealing the 13-10 victory for the Tigers.
— Read on gridironfootballusa.com/harold-perkins-monstrous-flu-game-performance-carries-lsu-to-13-10-win-over-arkansas/

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