Why the LSU-Alabama rivalry is the best

We’re just 2 sentences in, and already people are getting on social media to argue about whether it’s the LSU-Alabama rivalry or the Alabama-LSU rivalry.
In fact, some Crimson Tide followers are questioning whether it’s even a rivalry, invoking the old “it’s not a rivalry when 1 team wins all the time” mantra and noting that Bama has won 10 of the past 11 meetings.
Tigers fans will counter with … well, actually, they don’t have much to counter that reality with right now. But rest assured that as soon as LSU wins, like, 2 consecutive matchups, they’ll be the ones questioning whether it really is a rivalry.
— Read on www.saturdaydownsouth.com/lsu-football/lsu-football-why-lsu-alabama-is-the-best-rivalry-in-college-football/

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