LSU Football players discuss their victory against Ole Miss – YouTube

LSU Quarterback Jayden Daniels speaks on the importance of trust and how it factored into the offense’s success against Ole Miss.

He also speaks on how well the offensive line performed and their ability to successfully move the line of scrimmage throughout the game.

LSU Linebacker Micah Baskerville says the team is always competing to see who can tackle first in order to help them get better.

Baskerville also speaks on his love of playing as a Tiger and his drive to bring success to this state.

LSU Offensive Lineman Will Campbell speaks about the offensive line and seeing them get better and better each week.

Campbell says LSU can achieve success if they can give Daniels and the receivers enough time on offense.

LSU Running Back Josh Williams says LSU achieved their game plan of running the ball well throughout the game.

Williams also speaks on how the team recently has been listening and focusing on details more effectively and took advantage of the coaches advice and guidance during practice this past week.

LSU won 45-20 against No. 7 Ole Miss. The Tigers will face Alabama on Nov. 5 in Tiger Stadium.
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