There’s a new LSU sports podcast in town: Get to kneaux One Team, One Podcast


There is a new LSU podcast in town called One Team, One Podcast.  It’s been a relatively slow period for LSU news, and quite frankly, I needed to hear someone talk about LSU football so I decided to take it for a test drive. I  really enjoyed listening to this fresh, new pod about LSU sports. For those of you who haven’t checked it out yet, One Team, One Podcast is a weekly podcast about all things LSU sports co-hosted by “Uncle” Matt Anderson and Jack Poss.  We contacted this dynamic duo of LSU sports to learn more about the men, and the stories, behind the pod One Team, One Podcast.

So, who the hell are you guys?

Matt: I am Jack’s uncle. I am 41 and born and raised in Baton Rouge. I was also raised to play football for LSU but didn’t have the ability, so now I used my words instead of muscles.

Jack: I’m Matt’s nephew, so we’ve been knowing each other for a little while. I went to Catholic High and am currently at LSU (hopefully graduating soon).

Tell us about One Team, One Podcast.

Matt: I studied journalism at LSU and always enjoyed talking about stats, recruiting and all things LSU. I always thought about radio or sports writing as an option, but never did it. I started a podcast, “Since We’re On The Subject” with two other friends but we don’t just focus on sports, so I needed another podcast. Jack has always expressed the same interest in LSU as I have and I thought it would give a great old versus new perspective for LSU sports. I do the editing and we have a studio in my house here in Baton Rouge. One Team One Podcast was a name that went along perfect with LSU because of the One Team One Heartbeat motto. We also incorporated a sound wave in our logo, but also resembles a heartbeat.

Jack: It was Matt’s idea. He had just started his own podcast with his friends, so he asked me if I wanted to start a podcast that focused on sports. I honestly thought we’d do it for a couple weeks and then give it up, but it turned out that we weren’t too bad at it, so here we are going on 20 episodes. : I think it was just easy for us. We’ve always talked about sports since I can remember, so it just comes easy to us.

It seems there are a lot of podcasts starting up these days. What was the most difficult thing about getting One Team, One Heartbeat off the ground and into the airwaves?

Matt: I would say the most difficult think about starting was making sure the equipment was right. We had some audio issues that I had to work through. I am very particular and I do want it to sound good. If you listen to Episode 1 compared to Episode 19, it’s like night and day difference.

Jack: For me, it was figuring out how to talk on a podcast. I had a lot of stuttering, not speaking loud enough, and would sometimes cut Matt off in the middle of him talking. I think I’ve gotten better with it since March.

Since this is an LSU sports podcast, I’m sure you guys would love to interview LSU players.  If you could land just one interview with an LSU player, who would it be?

Matt: Well mine would be Shaq. I was an 80’s and 90’s kid and Shaq was the man. I can’t think of any other LSU player more famous than Shaq.

Jack: Assuming you mean current guys, Zach Von Rosenberg seems like he’d be fun to talk to. We’ve had a couple interactions with him on Twitter – he’s a funny dude.

You guys are almost up to episode 20 already, what has been your favorite episode so far?

Matt: Episode 16: He Takes What He Wants. I feel like I have finally gotten a handle on some of the editing and our content was great that episode which talked about Tyrann Mathieu and his time with LSU.

Jack: I think we’re getting better every week, so I’m inclined to say Episode 19, our most recent episode, but the one about Ryan Perrilloux actually was our best statistically.

Obviously you both love LSU sports.  How long have you considered yourself an LSU fan?

Matt: Since my birth. Some of my first memories were of Eric Martin, Jeff Wickersham, Dalton Hilliard & 1986 Basketball.

Jack: At birth. I think Matt was there – can’t remember.

I often claim that my brush with “LSU fame” came when I used to catch passes from Tommy Hodson’s little brother in elementary school.  What do you consider your brush with “LSU fame”?

Matt: Michael Clayton was our ball boy for our Peewee Football Team

Jack: I recruited Clyde Edwards-Helaire to play on my intramural basketball team senior year of high school

As podcasters, I’m sure there are podcasts that you like to listen to, and maybe even emulate. What’s your favorite podcast?

Matt: I have two: Conan OBrien Needs A Friend. Conan is so quick-witted. He cracks me up. My second is my other podcast, Since We’re On The Subject. We have great chemistry.

Jack: I love the Cover 3 podcast with Barton Simmons, Chip Patterson, and Tom Fornelli. I don’t think anyone is pumping out college football content nationally as well as they do.

With each episode, and hopefully with this interview, your fans are getting to know more and more about you two, but what is something that most people don’t know?

Matt: I work at WVLA NBC 33 and WGMB Fox 44 here in Baton Rouge and do TV advertising sales for my day job.

Jack: I’m an intern at Lamar’s corporate office in Baton Rouge.

Is there any LSU topic that you both do not agree on?

Matt: Nothing because I can sway his mind with my auditory skills. I’m pretty good at that.

Jack: . I’m pretty open-minded, so we tend to come to agreements on things pretty often. He knows more than me since he’s twenty  years older, so I defer to his judgment when he seems confident in something. I used to disagree with things he said often when I was younger, and he’d end up being right much more often, so I try to learn from him when I can.

Smart man Jack.  Always listen to your elders, that’s what I always say.  What or who was your biggest inspiration for starting a podcast?

Matt: Honestly mine is from listening from Sports Talk Radio but wanting something that had a little more entertainment value and not as much about breaking sports news. It’s all opinions and quality editing and content to make it entertaining.

Jack: I always have 104.5 on in my car, so all those guys made me want to try something like this out.

What are your goals for One Team, One Podcast? Where do you see it in five years?

Matt: Well we have a podcasting network that we created called Bandit Radio. We would like to add new podcasts and have some ideas for when we get closer to football season. One Team One Podcast will always be the anchor podcast and everything else will be spin offs of this one. Fantasy Football, Gambling, etc.  for the future.

Jack: Honestly, I haven’t thought about that at all until you asked. I think the reason we’re doing a pretty good job compared to my expectations is because we take it one episode at a time as cliché as that sounds. But to answer the question, my goal is really to get some cool interviews on the show and hopefully make some connections. If we’re still doing this in five years, I would have to guess it’s because the podcast has really taken off.

How has doing a podcast changed your views  on LSU and other podcasts?

Matt: We definitely understand that we are not the “Breaking News” guys. Our wheelhouse is being a more entertaining look at LSU sports talk, and give lots of opinions and also LSU Rewind segments to look back at older classics LSU games.

Jack: I’ve learned how passionate some LSU fans are. It’s been cool seeing the amount of people that listen to us every week. It’s not an insane amount of people, but my expectations were that we’d have maybe 5 or 6 people outside our friends/family that listen every week.

So now for the lightning round of important questions that One Team, One Podcast fans really want to know…Who does the better Coach Eaux impersonation?

Matt: Probably me. My voice is 20 years older.

Jack: We’ll have to compare on episode 20!

Gumbo or jambalya?

Matt: Chicken & Sausage Gumbo with potato salad on top.

Jack: Jambalaya – I miss tailgating

Shrimp or crawfish?

Matt: Tough One. BBQ Shrimp is a weakness of mine.

Jack: Crawfish – made this change recently

Popeyes or Raising Cane’s?

Matt: Raising Cane’s…Todd do you want to sponsor a podcast?

Jack: I’m eating Canes as I answer these questions, so you tell me.

Do you sell any merch for your podcast?

Matt:  Why yes I do. Thanks for asking. You can visit our website at and click on our shop page to see all of our t-shirts and other merch. I kick out new designs all the time and think about t-shirts that I would wear but never see in an LSU shop.

Make sure to check out the One Team, One Podcast website  at   Give them a follow on Twitter at @OneTeamOnePod or on Facebook.


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