Who wants to be an LSU Tiger? RB Anele Nwanyanwu, dat’s who!

Anele Nwanyanwu is a 5’11 224-pound bruising back out of Longwood High School with 4.5 forty speed who wants to be an LSU Tiger.  He models his game after the versatility and explosiveness of Kevin Faulk. During his senior year, Anele finished with 1427 yards and 17 touchdowns on 153 touches. He was named to the Class AA All-New York State Football team. In a recent playoff game, Nwanyanwu carried the ball 27 times and gained 165 yards, single-handedly outgaining the entire opposing team’s offense. We asked Anele a few questions about why he wants to be an LSU Tiger and below are his responses.

Tell us a little about yourself.  I am currently a senior at Longwood High School on Long Island located about 1 hour away from New York City. I am a linebacker who has successfully converted to running back and am loving every bit of it. I ran the 100 meters, 200 meters and 4×100 relay on the track team. I am also an All County wrestler who strives for balance between sports and academics. I take AP classes and maintain a 3.6 GPA. I have an older sister and two younger brothers.

What made you want to be an LSU Tiger? The history, tradition and passion of the fans are unmatched anywhere. No place in the world throws a victory party like Baton Rouge as the CFP victory parade demonstrated. As a high school player and college football fan, I have always dreamt of playing in the Death Valley as a Tiger and cannot wait for it to happen soon, by the special grace of God!

Have you ever eaten crawfish or gumbo before? I have eaten in New York what many people may consider “imitation” crawfish and gumbo. Imitation because I have heard that the authentic varieties can only be had in the State of Louisiana. I cannot wait to stuff my face in Baton Rouge with all the local culinary delicacies while transforming from being a New Yorker to a Louisianan.

What are your thoughts on Coach Eaux? Coach Eaux’s homegrown authenticity and willingness to take a chance with a young and upcoming transferee quarterback named Joe Burrow are highly commendable. I am almost in the same boat as Joe was a few years ago and pray for the opportunity to demonstrate my worth to Coach Eaux, the team, the fans the Baton Rouge community and the State of Louisiana. A patient and understanding coach, like Coach Eaux, is a player’s best friend at difficult times.

When did you begin playing football and what drew you into the sport? Football games were always on television screens in my house growing up. So, it was a natural progression for me to pick it up once my parents allowed me to play. When I started playing youth football at 10 years of age, I quickly realized that I was as big or bigger, as fast or faster and as strong or stronger than most of the kids. I also enjoyed the physicality of it all and haven’t looked back ever since.

Who do you model your game after? I like the elusiveness of Barry Sanders, the speed of Eric Dickerson, the versatility and explosiveness of Kevin Faulk. I borrow different qualities from these great athletes to better myself.

Who is your favorite LSU player (past or present) and why? Kevin Faulk! He could run the ball, catch passes and break tackles.

Aside from football, what do you enjoy most during your free time? Hanging out with family, resting my body (from the aches and pains of football, weight training, track and wrestling). I also enjoy movies. Lately, I have been exposing myself more and more to classical music and trying to figure out how its principles could be adapted to success on the football field.

What life lesson has football taught you? Never give up, always have trust, belief and confidence in your abilities. Furthermore, if one keeps on pushing and working hard success will follow!

What is something unique about you that most people don’t know? I am fascinated by the intricacies of classical music. Also, I often spend weekends as a secretary helping my mother in her office. On a lighter side, I try to rap and make jokes.

What do you want LSU fans to know about you? I respect and care about them greatly. Moreover, I am ready to give a thousand percent performance each and every time I step unto the football field as a Tiger to earn and retain their loyalty and support. Geaux Tigers!

You  can check out his highlights by clicking here.


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