Texas A&M hires new staffer Mason Smith away from LSU

Gigem 247 has been told that Texas A&M is bringing on current LSU director of high school and community relations Mason Smith to its football staff. Smith has changed his twitter page to reflect a Texas A&M helmet with Aggies' wideout Evan Stewart replying "gooood" to his initial tweet that had a hashtag of #GigEm. — Read …

Former LSU staffer to possibly join Texas A&M

Social Media is an interesting phenomenon where cryptic messages can cause a slew of opinion pieces. This is not quite to that magnitude, but when it comes to college recruiting it will still make headlines. Especially when it comes to Texas A&M football and what moves Jimbo Fisher decides to make. — Read on aggieswire.usatoday.com/2023/03/08/lsu-mississippi-state-deion-sanders-rumor-jimbo-to-add-mason-smith-to-staff/