1. Man he really isn’t my first, second or third choice for a QB but he’s a really great guy off field. On the other hand I hope he gets better, he is living his dream and working hard so he deserves a great ending. #GeauxTigers

  2. That “up tempo” is what I believe took the “Oregon Ducks” so far. It should be used more often in order to keep the opponent off guard.

  3. Coach Sheddi Wilson is an incredible coach, teacher and mentor at Stepinac High School. He has made a positive difference in the lives of countless young men. This accusation was a horrible injustice. The community is so thankful that justice prevailed. The community, the students, his fellow coaches, students past and present rallied to his defense. Many of his players purchased LSU bow-ties to show their solidarity with Coach Shedd. In fact all of his supporters at the courthouse and the school wore “We Support Shedd” Bow-tie LSU stickers! Coach Shedd continues to represent LSU with pride and honor!

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