“I’m fairly connected.” Reporter claims to have inside information about Joe Burrow, gets owned by Joe’s big brother

In a rather humorous twitter spat, Xenia Daily Gazette editor/writer Scott Halasz claimed to have inside information about the reason Joe Burrow transferred.

Scott appeared to be responding to an article in the latest Sports Illustrated.

Joe Burrow’s older brother, James Burrow, called him out and hilarity ensued!

Scott Halasz: [Replying to  ] Check your facts. Joe Burrow transferred AFTER Haskins won the job. Haskins didn’t win the job after Burrow transferred. idiots.

James Burrow: U sure bout all that Scottie?

Scott Halasz:Based on everything i read and was told by those in the know. I’m fairly connected.

James Burrow: Joe Burrow is my brother! I would say I am fairly connected too

Scott Halasz:  It’s hilarious how riled up y’all are. Get a life. Get a blow job or something.


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